For country-house charm in the middle of Berlin, look no further than the Altes Zollhaus restaurant, directly on the Landwehr Canal in Kreuzberg. The half-timbered building was originally built as the depot for Berlin’s city cleaning service, and then, at the beginning of the 20th century, was used as a control point for Berlin’s steam ships.

For over 25 years our restaurant has boasted and offered guests space in the 5m high attic underneath original exposed wooden beams, as well as in the guestroom. In summer, you can also eat and enjoy a glass of wine in our garden, which looks directly onto the Landwehr Canal.

„At Alten Zollhaus, we are committed to DELICIOUS LOCAL CUISINE, and try our best to prepare both classic and modern dishes using only the best regional ingredients.“
Herbert Beltle - Owner

On our menu, you will find only dishes prepared using ingredients sourced from regional suppliers, created by our owner, Herbert Beltle, and Head Chef, Günter Beyer.

Our wine list focuses on wines from Germany and Austria, and offers an abundance of rarities and grand crus.

Our Dishes

Head Chef Günter Beyer: “Our classic is the roasted Brandenburg farm duck with savoy cabbage and potato fritters. It’s been on the Alten Zollhaus menu for over a quarter of a century and is still one of our guests’ favourites.

But we are also happy to indulge you with entrecôte or zander.

Another classic is the crema catalana with blueberries in a Cassis sauce, which is caramalised in front of you at your table.

But take a look at the menu for yourself...”



  • Carpaccio of  Brandenburg willow ox      

    on lime-basil pesto and tomato bread    

  • Air dried Tyrolean ham with gherkins and horseradish

    € 12
  • Zollhaus healthy 

    Lamb`s lettuce on creamy goat`s cheese,

    celery, turnip and nuts                     

    € 14
  • Black Red Gold

    Fried grated potato pancake

    with smoked Fillet of Salmon and Mullet Caviar

    € 15
  • Goose giblets soup and fresh marjoram


    € 9

In between

Fresh glazed goose liver with apricot crêpe                       € 18






Main Courses

  • Oven fresh roast goose or Brandenburg farm duckling                                                                    

    on red cabbage and curly kale, baked apple and Thuringian potato dumpling

    Goose € 24 Duck 26
  • Pink roasted back of venison „Baden Baden“ Style                  

    with lingonberry-pear, cep-savoy and hazelnut swabian noodles


    € 29
  • Crispy roasted fillet of pike perch,

    on potato-kohlrabi salad and sour cream

    € 26
  • Potato waffle with mushrooms in herb cream 

    and glazed chestnuts


    € 19


    Lamb`s lettuce on creamy goat`s cheese,

    celery, turnip and nuts                     


    Brandenburg farm duckling on red cabbage and curly kale, baked apple

    and Thuringian potato dumpling

    DESSERT "The Catalonian Cream“,caramelized at the table
    vanilla cream with blueberries in Cassis sauce

    €42 for 3 courses & add accompanying wines for €18



  • ‘Crema Catalana’ caramelised at the table

    Vanilla cream with blueberries in a Cassis sauce

    (Not native to Berlin, but has been adopted by us)

    € 10
  • Warm Christmas pear crumble

    with macadamia ice cream and whipped cream

    € 10
  • Small cheeseboard from the Anderl farm, with nuts and grapes

    € 12

Events & Catering

Celebrate with us in one of Berlin’s best and most beautiful restaurants. Whether it is for a wedding, family event or business function, we look forward to welcoming you. You have a choice: the restaurant which holds 60 guests, the garden overlooking the Landwehr Canal, which also holds 60 guests, and in the upper area of our restaurant, the Smugglers barn, which holds 100 people. For over 30 people, we are happy to open our doors to you outside of normal restaurant hours.

Family celebrations

Whether it is for a wedding, birthday or anniversary, we can provide the perfect atmosphere to be together with friends and family, and to indulge in delicious cuisine.

Business functions

Contact us when you wish to celebrate with partners and business associates. Together, we can plan your event. Rely on our experience, gained over more than a quarter of a century.


We are also more than happy to come to your home, your place of work or any other place of your choosing, where you would like to taste Head Chef Günter Beyer’s delicious regional cuisine.

Please do not hesitate to call us, we will gladly assist you with the individual planning of your event.

TEL. +49 (0)30 692 33 00

We can also offer you other venues for your private events or business functions. Please visit Restaurant Aigner am Gendarmenmarkt and the Rotisserie in Gertraudenstraße in Mitte. Click on ‘Events’ to find other venues:

Booking a Table

We look forward to your visit from 6pm, Tuesday to Saturday.

Book your table here using Open Table, or call us on:

Altes Zollhaus Restaurant

Carl-Herz-Ufer 30
10961 Berlin

Tel. +49 (0)30 692 33 00

Fax +49 (0)30 692 35 66

Opening times

Tuesday to Saturday: from 6pm

Sunday and Monday: Closed. The restaurant is wheelchair friendly. We accept all credit cards.

Our Horcher wines and many more delights from our restaurants are also available in Beltle’s world of flavours shop.

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